The Scenario
STAT completed all initial appointments for this 90+ provider surgical center. However, this long-term client did not have a system to monitor and track its providers’ appointment dates and expirables.

The Method
As part of this engagement, STAT conducts the following:

At the reappointment dates of 90/60/30 days, STATCred sends an automated notification via email to the Lead Medical Staff Coordinator;
STAT completes all reappointments and updates the system with new reappointment date(s);
STATCred also monitors the providers’ expirables data at 90/60/30 days and sends an automated notification to the Lead Medical Staff Coordinator;
As items are renewed, expirations dates are updated and documents are uploaded into STATCred for continued monitoring; and
A weekly status report is provided to the client with all completed and in-process tasks.
The Results
There have been $0 in lost revenue due to credentialing (i.e., due to having an automated monitoring and tracking system in place for all reappointment dates and expirables).

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