The Scenario
A behavioral health practice of 100+ providers (MDs, PhDs, NPs, LSWs) with 70 different programs and multiple locations was losing revenue because the majority of its facilities were billing through the county instead of having direct enrollment/contracting with governmental and commercial payors. The client was interested in generating additional revenue by getting some of its facilities and providers enrolled with several payors. The practice attempted to do enrollment in-house but did not have the resources or expertise to successfully get enrolled.

The Method
STATCred had an introductory conference call to gather all the necessary documents on the practice and its providers. In addition, provider profiles were built into our credentialing system, STATCred.

STATCred initiated the enrollment with several government and commercial payors.

Weekly conference calls were scheduled with the client to discuss progress.

The Results
The client was enrolled with all targeted government and commercial payors. The outsourcing of payor enrollment to STAT resulted in the client obtaining a 50% increase in gross revenue.

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