STATCred comes with the following features:

  • Project Management – provides the key to STATCred’s service guarantee, ensuring you are getting optimal workflow to achieve your goals.
  • Document Management – elimination of paper; documents can be uploaded and available for online view anytime.

  • Security and User Roles – provides separate Client and Provider portals, with data restricted to the appropriate user.

  • Human Resource Coordination – staff management.

  • Company Management – expenses and coordinator time tracking.

  • Knowledge Base – FAQ section.

  • Customizable – reporting, features, etc.
  • Reporting – comes with several predefined management reports, the ability to create and save custom reports and the ability to run queries with the use of advanced search features that can then be exported to PDF or excel for further review and analysis.

  • Fully Configurable Reminder Engine – Never miss an expiration date again!  Fully configurable reminder management so dates on all provider managed licenses, attestations, credentials, projects, and appointments can be set for multiple reminders.

  • Coordinator Task Management – keeps coordinator(s) on task and on time; also provides easy access to all team projects and reporting on all work in progress.

  • Fully Integrated In-System Email Management – Emails never get lost or misfiled. They are always associated with the client, project, and/or provider relevant to the email conversation.

Provider Specific Management:

The management portal is designed to easily manage all data including:

  • Activity Tracking – manages and communicates all active projects and tasks.

  • Multiple Locations – coordinates information between multiple locations and Tax ID’s.

  • Provider Management (includes Physicians, Mid-Level and Allied Health) – stores, manages and reports all provider activity (and expirables) for payors and other credentialing needs.

Additional features of Provider Management are listed below:

  • Complete profile management;

  • Provider licensure management;

  • Medical malpractice management;

  • Medical malpractice claims data and event management;

  • Hospital and organization physician appointments and re-appointments;

  • Education documentation;

  • Board Certifications;
  • Professional memberships;

  • Provider references;

  • Provider work history;

  • Provider payor credentialing documentation and task reporting;

  • Continuing medical education (CME) tracking;

…and more!

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